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About S.S. Education Foundation's

Honeywell International English Medium Jr. Primary School- Parishwad

Honeywell International School is a venture of S. S. Education Foundation, established in the year 2015, by its founder Chairman Shri Subash Gulashetti who brought educational reformation in the northern part of Karnataka.

Honeywell International School has earned enviable reputation as an institution which provides educational excellence to all sections of the society, an achievement made possible by the brine determination and dedication of one man, the present Chairman Shri Subhas M. Gulashetti, a young energetic, dynamic personality a man of varied interest, a man of high hopes and vision who is the backbone of this institution.

The school is surrounded by natural landscape & growy in stature & in its infrastructure with well equipped Science lab, Computer lab & library facilities.

The aim of the school is to develop all round personality of the child i.e. physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual. The school strives hard to help the children mature & love for learning habits of critical thinking and accurated expression. Ultimately strengthens more values needs to become good citizen of tomorrow.

We aim at providing the children with a well balanced educational enabling them to live their life fully and successfully face the challenges of life efficiently and con"dently imbibe the spirit of service and turn out to be responsible citizens. Curricular and Co- curricular activities house wise are also well planned in order to bring our the hidden talent of the student.

Morning assembly is another attraction where in the students get opportunity to overcome their stage fear by taking part in news reading, speech, poetry recitation etc.


To provide superior quality Infrastructure, learning motivated environment and to give special importance towards hygiene and safety measures to inculcate culture, academic excellence and morality among students.


To provide Hi-Tech education for both urban and rural children. To create a student friendly learning environment through innovative learning practices and mould a student to be self-confident and model to others

  • Achieving academic excellence.
  • Developing self confidence with faith in God.
  • Acquiring communication and social skills along with analytical abilities.
  • Developing respect and regard towards Indian culture and way of life.
  • Upholding reverence for parents, elders and honour for dignity to all individuals.
  • Acquiring competitive spirit through participation In competitions, various cultural and literary programme.